International Learning Opportunities (ILO) gives you a unique opportunity to test and build on your personal and professional skills in a very different context.

Previous volunteers have commented that they have felt a renewed commitment and energy for their work when they return whilst they have also had the chance to make a contribution to the developing world.

The benefits of an International Learning Opportunity reach further than you may think – for you, your organisation, for Wales and for Africa. Not only does it help to improve your skills as a leader and your ability to deal with change more positively and effectively, it allows Wales to make a distinctive contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and build upon existing links between Wales and Africa.

Managers have found that participants return to work highly motivated with a renewed commitment and new perspectives for their work. Individually, working in a new and challenging environment can:

  • enhance your softer skills, increase self confidence and adaptability
  • allow you to innovate and solve problems more creatively
  • build your personal effectiveness through new found perspectives and resilience
  • increase your ability to work collaboratively

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