You and your organisation

Benefits for you

  • Increases your personal effectiveness through working in a new and challenging environment
  • Enhances your softer skills, giving you more self confidence, adaptability, motivation, resilience and   new perspectives
  • Allows you to innovate and solve problems more creatively
  • Builds your knowledge about cultural and ethnic diversity and equality Development of networks with other participants and African colleagues
  • Enables you to make a personal contribution to development within Africa using your skills

 ‘I came back a stronger manager with a clear idea of my strengths and development needs’

Your organisation

  • Being able to deal with change more positively and effectively having experienced change in an unfamiliar and more challenging setting
  • Increases collaborative working due to high dependency on other stakeholders in-country
  • Renewed commitment and new perspectives for their work
  • Increasingly global outlook
  • Increases motivation and team morale through sharing of experiences
  • New focus on outcomes and improved service delivery
  • Highlights the organisation’s commitment to corporate social responsibility


‘The experience benefited both the individual and our organisation.  I would encourage managers to support the scheme.’