Sentebale is a Lesotho-planning based charity that was co-founded by Prince Harry in 2006. The core aim of Sentebale is to support orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) who are victims of extreme poverty, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The charity prioritises directing aid and management support to voluntary, grassroots groups/organisations that provide services for these OVCs.

The main programme run is Mamahato network and camps, which provide “essential life-skills and psychosocial support to children living with HIV/AIDS.” Children living with the HIV/AIDS are educated on the condition- how it is spread and how to live with it- and are also encouraged to educate their peers in turn.

Other programmes include:

  • Sentebale2providing education for “herd boys” (who are culturally obligated to attend to livestock in the mountains);
  • providing education grants to OVCs to ensure they complete their secondary education- grants cover the costs of fees, uniform, nutritional support and education materials;
  • offering shelter, food, clothing and education to children who are uncared for;
  • supporting organisations that provide services to children with physical disabilities.

ILO participant tasks/contributionswanted:

Sentebale would particularly welcome assistance with:

  • speech and language therapy to train teachers and carers working with deaf children;
  • physiotherapy services for disabled children.